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Airport taxi from the Noibai Airport to Airport View Hotel should take about 03 minutes (01km). But, BE AWARE, there is a minimum taxi fare from the airport of 3USD /1way/ private car 4seats. For airport pick-up service please contact us with your details, such as the passenger's name, contact numbers, Arrival time, Arrival date, flight number?. Our staff will await the passengers at arrivals area where all the other drivers are waiting with name boards

Warning!!! There are a lot of touts and bogus cabbies as well as indecent tour information counters at Noi Bai airport, who try to cheat you to another hotel for commission such as, they secretly contact their hotel-partners and then impersonate our hotel staff to speak to you on the phone that, the hotel you booked that is full already and offer you another hotel or some scams like that...


  • 豪华和方便的设计与warmy空间
  • 由一队的年轻和友好的工作人员提供个性化服务
  • 一个聪明的选择,假期和短暂的休息的
  • 满意保证
  • 距离最近的机场酒店

Your home away from home

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