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Co Loa Citadel, Dong Anh, Hanoi City

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  • Co Loa Citadel - Co Loa citadel historical area:

    Built near Phong Khe and located 20km from Hanoi, this ancient citadel was commissioned by King An Duong Vuong, famous for a magic crossbow and infamous for the fact that he decapitated his daughter. Once the capital of the Au Lac state, all that remain are two outer walls and the interior citadel building. The fortress is a spiral shaped compound of the ancient capital and the site has been the source of various relics from the Bronze Age. Be sure to arrange a visit to Co Loa Citadel and An Duong Vuong Temple while in Hanoi.

    Co Loa Citadel, located only 20 kilometres from Hanoi, is an ancient fortress in what was the first independent capital of the Vietnamese kingdom. Co Loa Citadel is believed to have been constructed in the 3rd century BC by King An Duong Vuong. The Chinese conquered it shortly after the building was built. Archaeologists have guessed that, to construct the entire fortress, over two million cubic metres of material were moved. Try to visit the site on a feast day festival when you can take part in human chess and singing competitions.